XX Horror

Transmission 2&3 : All Tied Up

The Moebius Wasps

July 5, 1933
- Creepy exploitative sorcerer brings deb to out of control party at the Yacht Club
- Oliver Gardiner, sensing an incipient occult threat to Elsa gifts her with Moebius Wasp hair clips
- Kittridge tries to do some essence-stealing magic on Elsa, the wasps permit her to escape
- Gardiner suspects foul play out on Kittridge’s boat and is alarmed by the disappearance of Elsa, he decides to find out what happened on his own.

July 13, 1933
- Following clues from Document 1, Martha and Annette are in Kingsport
- They bluff their way into the club. Gardiner is reluctant to let them in
- Martha finds out about the presence of Kittridge and Elsa at the party, and finds the Red Box in which the wasp jewels were held
- Out in the car, the duo witness the contretemps between Gardiner and Kittridge
- Determined to do the right thing, Anette brings the box back and comes upon Kittridge casting a lethal spell.
- She rescues Gardiner while Martha undergoes strange time dilations. Gardiner rushes back in to finish off Kittridge with a pistol borrowed from the security guard.
- The heroes chase the 2 men into Kittridge’s personal party boat. The security guard faints with horror at what he sees. Kittridge got the drop on Gardiner and shot him. But Elsa has been waiting for revenge on the man who attempted to ensorcel her. Seeing Gardiner fall, she phases down into the cabin and seizes Kittrell, and once he has been hauled into her plane, she injects something into his torso. When he phases back into reality, there is no visible wound.
- Elsa’s appearance has been transmuted: she is surrounded by the spectral aura of a colossal red wasp. Her face has take on the bronzed, chiselled look of the fabled K’n-yan, a vanished Mesoamerican civilization.
- The crime hinted at in Document 1 has been revealed to the investigators. Kittridge is held for attacking Gardiner, who is in shock from a severe bullet wound. These NPCs can be dealt with. But the mystery is solved, if not the overall explanation for the time dilation and the strange documents.

Back in Arkham
- the two badasses — Rose and Angus — are trying to piece together the real-world facts behind weird notes in Armitage’s house
- using flattery and sauciness, Rose makes her way into the hotel room of mobster Horace Walsh. She finds a soapstone effigy of a long cod-like fish. Associated with Innsmouth.
- Stephane Rodin bumps into the duo as they argue about the implications of the thing they have seen. The smart ass Angus later sics the Bible salesman on him.
- Three persons mentioned in Document 2
a) Olie Olson: mentioned as an “agent” in the doc/actually a soda jerk whom Armitage has interviewed about some folklore and Oral History, but knows nothing
b) Phil H: mentioned in the doc as an “Encyclopedia” salesman/ actually pushing Bibles but planning to visit Armitage and others in the university area to push educational books: rants about Masons, Jews, and the Helping Hands brotherhood but knows nothing
c) Thomas Ongine: they never get to him
- The duo know that these people are somehow linked to the 1928 raid on Innsmouth and an 1850’s event in Dunwitch but none of them knows anything about Armitige or the events hinted at in the documents
- the two arrive to meet a lucid Armitige arising from a long sleep. He is determined to do something.
- then, the man who was supposed to be watching over him jerks awake with a new document in his lap, unaware of how it got there

There was lots of character development from the duo.



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