XX Horror

Transmission #4

Murder in Arkham

Fallout from Document #3

The Crime

Status: SOLVED

Sequence of Events

  1. 8/Aug/Morning: Walsh gang tries to intimidate Hughes into revealing the names of those he was speaking with and about whom they spoke. They have a rough description of Rose but not Angus, and are determined to find all of the people discussed. [Armitage, The Helping Hands, The Masonic Lodge, Thomas Ongine]. Hughes doesn’t give them anything. They grab his client list and other documents and give him time to reconsider co-operating.
  2. 8/Aug/Afternoon: Walsh gang pops into Aymes’ Guns & Ammunition Works on a matter not directly related to Hughes. [Players could investigate this side angle if they wish]
  3. 8/Aug/Evening: Walsh gang returns to the Works [part of the side angle mentioned above]. Hughes, inspired by the detective antics of Rose and Angus, has been trailing them! He is spotted, they question him, torture him to get all relevant details about the people discussed and a description of Rose and Angus. Then they kill him.
  4. 9/Aug/Afternoon: Phil Hughes’ body is found at Aymes’ Guns & Ammunition Works. Decapitated. Poisoned or strangled before beheading
  5. 10/Aug: Walsh gang tracks down Rose and Angus, attempts to recover Walsh’s Totem, shoot up the place, flee town

Final Report

Victim: Phil Hughes
Perpetrator: 3 members of the Walsh gang
Location: Aymes’ Guns & Ammunition Works
Motive: Get information, eliminate person who could identify them, anger at being discovered
Opportunity: The victim involved himself, followed them to an enclosed space at nighttime, stumbled into their hands
Means: [TBA]
Mythos Angle: [TBA]

Normally, the conclusion of an investigation requires discovery of the Means. I didn’t insist on that this time. But in the metagame — refreshing Pools by completing investigation of the crime — players will have to specify the Means and Mythos Angle before they can close the case. Think of it as a game of clue: Mr. Krebbinder did it with an Etheric Ray Pistol in the City Morgue, with the added Mythos Angle of with Help from Leng-style Sorcery or with the aid of a discorporate ghost.

Players are encouraged to find out the Means and the Mythos Angle of this crime before Document 4 shows up in your lives. But don’t feel compelled to do so.

Session Recap

Fr. Duree

- Poking around the campus and dealing with his suspicions
- Rice confirms Fr. Duree’s suspicions that Ashley is not to be trusted
- Unusual mathematical textbook is recovered from the Orne Library. Lanfer (resentful about being left out of the revelations of Doc 3) points out that Ashley was the last person to sign out the book.
- Ashley’s notes in the book are related to the author’s metaphysical speculations and not the substance of the work. Of great note is the Aramaic “I am the Alpha and Omega” phrase on the opening page. Ashley’s discussion of time as a folding Mobieus strip is suggestive
- Father D. has uncovered definite clues about the real-world references in the document and clues to conflicts between inquiry members. Rice is considering who to shut out of further information
- Rice regards Ashley as untrustworthy, Ashley dislikes Rice’s arrogance and his Eurocentrism in matters historical, Lanfer feels marginalized by Rice
- no action by Ashley on his previously stated plans to destroy strange artifacts that may be attracting occult weirdness to Dr. Armitage

Ms. Pickman:

- brought in the eccentric Lady Corinthia
- Lady C. brought in a strange animal-headed icon she purchased in a shady deal on the New York dockside. It is a wasp-headed deity, with a strangely individual human visage under the stylized insect feature.
- Ms. Pickman can only think of Caribbean and Yucatan insectile deities, like the mosquito-headed Hurukan, who inspired the name for the tropical storms of the region
- she called in Angus to consult as to its provenance. Angus, being a conniving fellow with lots of antique paraphernalia lying about, brings a stylized metal reed boat along. He puts it together with the statue and convinces Lady C. that he could learn more about the object, given time to study it.
- Help from Annette allows him to walk out of the place with the statue
- the discussion with Lady C. brings out her eccentric “hyper-diffusionist” theory of cultural transmission. She has long held that the pyramid-building civilization of Meso-America were started by Egyptian colonists. Drawing from the racial doctrines of the Theosophical offshoot Ariosophy, she holds that the ascended White Masters of the Himalayas passes a seed of their wisdom to the rulers of Egypt, just as they did with the Persians, the Brahmins of India, and the Indo-European invaders. They in turn brought a new civilization to the Americas. The disturbing insectile appearance of the god unsettles Lady C. a little but she is enthused.

Rose’s Underworld

- Rose is dealing with an issue in her community
- Betty P. the bag lady has become aware that a do-gooding charity doctor has been providing abortions to poor women in the area, and that this will bring some unspecified doom to the people.
- Betty P. goes to suss her out, confirms her suspicions, and hands her over to the cops.
- She becomes aware of the fallout from Hughes’ murder when she sees a 3 employees of the Chinese restaurant hauled in on suspicion.
- She goes over to Angus’ to propose finding out what exactly happened to Walsh.

Angus & Pesticides

- so, a huge collection of bug stuff to deal with the threat of wasps
- and a really exotic statue, Egyptian, of uncertain period
- they are discussing going back near Dunwitch to look for Walsh’s body
- then, 3 of Walsh’s goons corner them in the building where Angus has his office and store-rooms.
- the standoff doesn’t go well for the Goons, they shoot up the place with Rose sustaining minor injuries around her eyes
- the goons let out that they got Hughes to finger her and Angus
- they demand the Totem that the two stole out of Walsh’s room
- they let loose with firearms and take off

Ms. Pickman & Oliver Gardiner

- Annette is picking up the thread from the previous investigation
- he admits to giving the Red Wasp gem to Elisa to shield her from any mojo that Kittrel might be wielding. Out of patrician condescension he didn’t inform her of this.
- he has a plan to retell the events of that fateful night in mundane terms and get Kittrel convicted of attempted murder
- given the fact that Gardiner is recovering from a gunshot and is heavily morphined-up, Annette hypnotizes him

  • the Gardiners have for generations been keeping a lid on any occult weirdness in New England
  • he feels his greatest failure was to prevent the outrages at Innsmouth that led to the quarantine in 1928s
  • they were among the “First Families” that ran the witch burnings around Arkham and Kingsport around 1690
  • the Pickmans were, along with the Whatelys, victims of the burnings, although the Pickmans have over the decades excised their names from official histories of that time
  • some of these details are recorded in a ledger at the Kingsport Yacht Club
  • Annette wants it

Cheeze it — the Cop!

- Detective discovers Hughes’ body and its bizarre state: poisoned/strangled, then decaptiated, the body left without any attempt at concealment
- Quickly rules out that the 3 Chinese-American suspects
- Investigates Hughes’ boarding house and discovers that 2 persons [Rose and Angus] had been seen visiting Hughes in preceding weeks
- The room was tossed before Hughes’ murder and some of his professional items, including a travelling salesperson’s all-important client list and log book, are missing
- Questioning Rose and Angus confirms that they were there and did talk to Hughes
- Rose proves that yes, she did buy a Bible from him.

Document Review


“The Buzz”

Ashley admits to hearing something awful before the disaster that devastated the Australia expedition of 1928

“The Book/Call Number”

An exotic book of mathematical logic discussing the implications of the Mobius strip. Ashley has taken interest in its metaphysical speculations

“The Bizarre Murder”

A murder matching the one described in the document has occurred, including a decapitated body, the involvement of three “swarthy” persons, a factory foreman, a missing notebook.


“American Preservationist League”

An anti-immigration political party featuring a Jarhauz.

“Yeti in the Orne Library?”

No-one’s seen it yet. No-one’s seen it.



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