XX Horror

Transmissions 1 and 2

The events of July 10, 1933 were weird. And marked a turning point in the history of our World.
July 3 was the date of the disappearance of Elsa Cuthbertson. That was a mundane problem that came to the characters’ attention on July 10.


- Martha and Annette throwing of a tail by Kittrige on their way to the Kingsport Yacht Club to track Eleanor Grace
- Rose and Angus trying to trail Horace Walsh: it is apparent he has gone inland, into the woods
- Alice has gone to the NELAA meetup deep in the woods. Soon after discovering that her husband spent a night lost in the ominous forests of the area near Dunwitch, she hears a large explosion from the very area where her betrothed went wandering

Document 1

Dated: January 13, 1936
A bizarre document covered with pulverized stone, ash, and strange fluids.
Covers a number of topics in a scrambled manner: Tears of Azazoth, Moebius Wasps, destruction of New York, Oliver …., Austin Kittrel, and Horace Walsh.


  • Rose gets the documents
  • Angus wheedles a strange mobius amulet from S. Rodin
  • Martha lounges in the cafe with M. Novak and learns of the disappearance of Eleanor, and she also experiences a weird loss of 1/2 and hour from her life
  • Alice helps Mrs. Pickman hypnotize Dr. Armitage, who is delirious and wandering
  • after dumping the documents (addressed to Armitage’s home at 18 Applethorn Lane, but appearing at 18 Thornepole Lane, Rose’s home) Rose lurks outside, where she is ambushed by Walsh, who warns her to stay away from 18 Applethorn
  • Martha runs into Ms. Pickman at the Women’s Dorm. She, like Martha, is trying to find Eleanor. Martha shows her the mobius wasp hair clip belonging to Eleanor and Pickman invites her to the Armitage house
  • Angus’ questions about the mobius get him in the sphere of Tyler Freeborn and Francis Ashley, junior members of the Armitage Inquiry: something weird happened in Western Australia that necessitated the squelching of Tyler Freeborn’s discoveries of an unknown material culture in the area, tens of thousands of years before the immigration of the Aboriginals
  • All the PC except Rose end up at the Armitage house in the middle of the crisis: the documents are in Armitages hand but he has no memory of the persons mentioned in it or of writing it. Some say it is a hoax being played on the professor, some suggest the professor is having a mental breakdown, and some suspect extraterrestrial interference.
  • Ms. Pickman keeps the members of the inquiry in line while the newcomers undertake some investigative tasks

Document 2

Dated: December 21, 1934.
The writing is cleaner, more linear, reads like a diary entry rather than bizarre ramblings written in blood and ichor.
- Mentions strange events at an abandoned hospital, the ramblings of a paranoid encyclopedia salesman, and observations about NELAA, the New England League of Amateur Astronomers


  • before getting the documents, Alice spends the evening creeped out by an out of town mobster
  • Horace Walsh is in town, paying off cops, collecting money for bootleg booze, and dragging along gear for making improvised liquid explosives
  • She crosses with the Armitage plot when she visits Dr. James the chemistry professor. The two dissident geologists are gossiping about Dr. Armitage’s ravings and the discovery of anachronistic insect specimens some 60 million years old in 10,000 year old strata.
  • the morning after the weirdness of the 10th, Alice comes across document 2 in a collection of her fiance’s things

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