XX Horror

The Rose of the World (Doc #8)

a forger's interlude

The Blood-Red Rose That Blooms at the Intersection of Time and Eternity

The Crime

Status: In Progress
- is not over until someone tells the story!

Sequence of Events

  1. Merry Christmas for the Clergy
    - Fr. Duree hears the confession of J. Schmidt
    [not played out]
  2. Merry Christmas for the Laity
    - Rose sees Schmidt at mass
  3. 3-Way Wasp Standoff
    - Ashley is trying to scotch Angus’ deal to sell Peasle remnants to Lady Broughton
    - Rose pulls a pistol and forces Angus to hand over the wasp husks and gets Ashley out of the place
    - she totally goes with her Bad Luck drive and steamrolls over Ashley: she has earned an in-your face NPC conflict
  4. New Year’s Eve
    - Annette sees E. Sprague acting like a mad buffoon at her Aunt’s New Year’s party
    - Annette ignites the burning wheel
    - Sprague is determined to spill punch with some dubious bootleg whiskey, humiliating himself
    - Annette unleashes some occult forces: good for her but bad for the rest of the universe.
    - a time dilation is on the way.
  5. New Year’s Eve w. Lanfer
    - some of the old duffers are drinking in the New Year
    - weird muscle twitch just as toast is being raised
    - J. Schmidt comes by to warn Lanfer about some tainted whiskey … but Lanfer isn’t serving any
    - Aaron has investigated the crime: he has an NPC encounter coming his way
  6. New Year’s Day
    - Sprague in the drunk tank is struck blind: he confesses to have passed on bootleg whiskey to his patients
    - Winter covers for the criminal and takes some stability loss but he gets a chance to do some cool moves and arrest Schmidt.

Final Report

Victim: The PCs and other people
Perpetrator: J. Schmidt [In jail, right]
Motive: ?
Where: ?
When: ?
Opportunity: ?
Means: Tainted whiskey
Mythos Angle:

Session Recap

Document Review


Weirdness #1: The Nightingale

  • Fan journalist publication
  • Those with the red taint can see Mythos-related names floating above the elisions in the printed text
    *Miskatonic, Carter Hall burn in the future, as do Boston, New York, Philly

Weirdness #2: Decrepit Small Towns

  • Stowe, Center Bridge, Pearce Lake
  • weirdoes from these towns are wandering to Arkham and trying to poach whiskey
  • one of the old dudes has died in custody


Weirdness #3: The Circle Rite Lodge

  • Eleusinian Mysteries

Weirdness #4: Plains of Leng

  • Photograph

Weirdness #5: Versatile Glass

  • mentioned briefly

Starting Situation Matrix

This is how I establish starting situations for characters and plan for the crime & clues that the characters will be confronted with

Character Focus: Rose
Creep Element: Teacher gloats over failure of youth
NPC Cross: Ashley
NPC Ability: The pool left over from staring at the Panel while high: Ghouls/Egypt/Nyarlathotep
Drive: Bad Luck
Pillar (last surviving): LOVE OF HOME TOWN

Starting Situation: Angus
(PC) Ability Clue: Mechanical Repair
(PC) Drive: Antiquarianism
(Rose) NPC Cross: F. Ashley
(Rose) Pillar of Sanity: LOVE OF CRIME COMMUNITY
Creep Factor: Paralysis

Starting Situation: Annette
(PC) Ability Clue: Ride
(PC) Drive: In the Blood
(Rose) NPC Cross: E. Sprague
(Rose) Pillar of Sanity: ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE
Creep Factor: Play Relationship becomes abusive

Starting Situation: Aaron
(PC) Ability Clue: First Aid
(PC) Drive: Scholarship
(Rose) NPC Cross: J. Schmidt
(Rose)Pillar of Sanity: I CAN HANDLE ANYTHING
Creep Factor: Loss of Muscle Control

Starting Situation: F. Duree (who couldn’t make it)
(PC) Ability Clue: Languages
(PC) Drive: Duty
(Rose) NPC Cross: J. Schmidt
(Rose) Pillar of Sanity: LOVE OF CRIME COMMUNITY
Creep Factor: Warning People who Don’t Listen

Starting Situation: Winters
(PC) Ability Clue: Evidence Collection
(PC) Drive: Duty
(Rose)) NPC Cross: E. Sprauge
(Rose) Pillar of Sanity: I Can Handle It



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