XX Horror

Transmission #6

Don't look in that book

The Preliminaries are Complete, We Pause Before the Crisis

The Crime

Status: SOLVED (see Transmission #6)

Sequence of Events

  1. Players followed their own agendas
  2. THE crime was solved (theft of a book), as was a crime (the murder of Betty Pedrag)

Final Report

Victim: Miskatonic U — Tears of Azathoth book stolen
Perpetrator: Cyrus Lanfer
Location: The Orne Library, 1908/same, 1933
Motive: Protecting Dr. Armitage
Opportunity: Lanfer was Armitage’s assistant and could
Means: Simple misdirection: the volume in question was placed in various positions on Lanfer’s desk for 1/4 of a century to keep it away from Armitage and any other curious persons.
Mythos Angle: Armitage’s increasing obsession with this Mythos tainted volume drove his good friend to hide it from him. But he could not bring himself to destroy this precious volume.

Session Recap

Angus and Maude

- Aunt Pickman is definitely upset over the document fortelling her murder
- Her niece and Angus meet up with a book dealer holding the Basel Codex
- He shows them the Codex and they learn the mystery of the Elder Sign (and get brains fried)
- They show him the Egyptian statue
- The very weird Lady Corinthia is on the verge of laying down the money to (1/4 of a million in today’s money) to acquire the volume for the Orne Library


- Interacted with Tyler Freeborn, whose death is foretold in the last document.
- She works on a translation of an article about the Codex, along with the secretary whose illness is foretold in the document.

The Priest, Ms. Smith & the Cop

- Betty Pedrag shows up mutilated
- Turns out that the tough Dr. Montgomery hired to shadow her as she did medical work in the slums has a bit of a temper: Able Fuschak went berserk when he found Betty P. snooping on the Doctor and went berserk.
- Given that he is the nephew of a notorious bank robber there will be repercussions.
- Both the cop and the criminal want payback on Dr. Montgomery
- In any case, the criminal decides to track down the missing book.
- As she is striding towards a confrontation with the thief, Cyrus Lanfer, Fuschak is on HER trail.
- Officer Winter’s investigations into the Pedrag murder get him on campus just before the attack, and he manages to put a bullet in Fuschak before he ambushes Smith.

Betty’s Funeral

- damn, I loved sitting back and watching that madness

Father D

- The padre arranges a funeral for Betty
- He also inquires as to the Tears of Azathoth and the Index of Prohibited books.

Stuff that is on my mind:

- what is the Swiss dude going to do?
- what is R. Smith going to do with Dr. Armitage and the Tears of Azathoth?
- WhTF are these cylindrical winged guys in the Basel Codex?
- WhTF is the dude who can scan your body while talking to you over the phone?
- are the Fuschak gang going to make an appearance
- will the crew continue to succeed in driving the time dilations away?

Document Review

Fully Investigated

Weirdness #1: The Tears of Azathoth

- a real volume of powerful sorcery

Weirdness #2 The Basel Codex

- a real and precious Mayan codex

Weirdness #3 The Future Threats

- the deaths of Freeborn, Ms. Pickman, the Swiss book dealer and illness of the secretary


“American Preservationist League”

An anti-immigration political party featuring a suspect named Jarhauz.

“Yeti in the Orne Library?”

No-one’s seen it yet. No-one’s seen it.



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