XX Horror

Doc #7: The Moebius Syllables

Ai Ioa Io Oooo Ia Ou Oa Ioi Aoai Au Ai I A O Oooo O Ia Ou Ua Oau

The Syllables

The Crime

Status: Complete [In 1 session, that’s the way I like it!]

Sequence of Events

  1. Let’s Make a Deal (Angus & Peasle Sr.)
  2. Let’s Play Cards (Lanfer, Aaron, Rice, Freeborn)
  3. Let’s Go to a Club (Rose and Ashley)
  4. Let’s Talk to Auntie
  5. Let’s Go to New Jersey/Let’s Get Mobbed by a Deranged Priest and his Protege
    (in which Rose learns that Ashley has been seeing Martha on the side)
  6. Let’s Go to Prison
  7. Let’s Go to Campus
  8. Let’s Go Visit Dr. Rice
  9. Let’s Go Visit Dr. Davis
  10. Let’s All Congregate Around the Time Traveller’s Cylinder in a Frenzy of Panic!

Final Report

Victim: Dr. Cecil Davis (his lab was ransacked & Modena Grimoire stolen, MG actually property of Mrs. A. Pickman
Perpetrator: Dr. W. Rice (suspect has left town)
Motive: Dr. Rice needed formula for “Red Powder”: needed for the women carrying Moebius wasp larvae
Where: Dr. Davis’ office @ Miskatonic University
When: The Mid-November ice storm
Opportunity: Rice was in the company of Ms. Pickman as she toured campus gathering possessions loaned to Miskatonic U. He availed himself of easy access.
Means: He had a key (and thereby hangs a tale).
Mythos Angle: The Modena Grimoire references a red powder integral to the “alchemist’s” travels. Davis was exploring a red mycotoxin used to manipulate insects into self-defeating behaviours. Once insects were consumed by predators, the fungus got spread in the droppings of the predator. Possible applications on human nervous system. But what predator would consume the befuddled human victims? Thereby hangs a tale.

Session Recap

Document Review


Weirdness #3: Gainesville Cylender

  • Owned by E. Flowers in Jersey
  • Why did Martha want it, ask Ashley to get it?
  • Associated with time-travelling Great Race, calls aliens and the mad into its proximity

Weirdness #4: Modena Grimoire

  • record of an “alchemist” from future showing up in mid-18th century Modena
  • belongs to Mrs. Pickman
  • mentons a fungal powder used in alchemy, which powder was investigated by Miskatonic U professor C. Davis


Weirdness #1: International Logospheric Union

  • disappearances?
  • other weird activity in Millbrook neighbourhood

Weirdness #2: Millbrook Business Improvement Association

  • MBIA?
  • Dr. Brophy and Leon Godtland
  • Related to abortionist?

Weirdness #5: Cannibalism

  • weird mentions
  • no concrete evidence

Starting Situation Matrix

This is how I establish starting situations for characters and plan for the crime & clues that the characters will be confronted with

Character Focus: Annette

Starting Situation: Angus
(PC) Ability Clue: Anthropology
(PC) Drive: Antiquarianism
(Annette) NPC Cross: Lady Broughton
(Annette) Pillar of Sanity: FAMILY

= Nathaniel P. Sr. is out of the Sanitarium and only the cash of Lady Broughton can help him

Starting Situation: Aaron
(PC) Ability Clue: Cryptography
(PC) Drive: Scholarship
(Annette) NPC Cross: Cop NPC [morphed into the Pinkerton agent]
(Annette) Pillar of Sanity: EPICURIANISM

= Llanfer asks for a game of cards and has some coke to share

Starting Situation: Annette
(PC) Ability Clue: Hypnosis
(PC) Drive: In the Blood
(Annette) NPC Cross: Dr. E. Sprague [from Rose, never happened]

= start her in some red-hot night club, bring in Ashley

Starting Situation: F. Horatio
(PC) Ability Clue: First Aid
(PC) Drive: Duty
(Annette) NPC Cross: [Cop NPC]
(Annette) Pillar of Sanity: LOVE OF HOME TOWN

= H. Armitage confessing to unnatural hungers

Starting Situation: Winters
(PC) Ability Clue: Evidence Collection
(PC) Drive: Duty
(Annette) NPC Cross: Ms. Pickmann
(Annette) Pillar of Sanity: FAMILY

= some kind of theft that involves Ms. Pickmann. Does she involve Winter?
[this stayed in the background]



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