XX Horror

Interlude: Miscellany of Horripilation!

Between documents in martial lawed Arkham

A List of Events

Dealing w. the Military

• Detective winter told military guy about weird things.
• know detective Winters talked to the General about the plans to destroy the hotbed of evil.

Violence on Campus

• Eliza tried to hypnotize Annette, but Annette resisted, at which point Eliza said something about Annette being better than common stock and that she’d be higher caste when she was assimilated.
• First attempt foiled, the wasp woman then tried just telling Annette to take her to the documents, which Annette shakily agreed to.
• Annette was held hostage by Elsa Howard.
• They got to the documents, which the linguist guy was looking over, and Eliza drew a sword on Annette and demanded the documents or the girl gets it.
• At which point Marco’s policeman burst out of cover and blew Eliza’s head off with an lighting gun.
• Winter fried her with the lightning gun.
• He also killed the bad lady with the lighting gun while protecting the Armitage files.
• Saved the guy who had the documents (Aaron).
• Marco looted Eliza’s sword, and Annette grabbed a weird pendant off Eliza’s neck.
• Then Marco dumped Eliza’s body out the window in hopes that her missing head would be attributed the the lightening storm outside.

Glorious, Glorious Livonia Forever ! [Eniski, Eniski Liboniuym Eruspaniko!]

• Father righteous talked to the leader of that place with the sword for Ollie.
• The Priest took the young man and got him involved in the crazy order with the holy sword.
• Whom accepted his fate.
• Ollie got the sword after they convinced the leader of Ollie’s lineage.

Flying Dutchmen?

• Annette went to visit her aunt to touch base and ask about her lineage; her aunt dropped the bomb that they were descended from the Rotterhaends.
• Annette revealed that the Armitage documents said her aunt was going to be murdered, at which point her aunt freaked and said they had to move until Annette promised she would keep her safe.
• Annette convinced her aunt not to run away from the apocalypse.
• She needed copies of the documents.
• Then Annette went to the library where the Armitage documents were to get a copy of the section saying her aunt was going to die so she could share it with her aunt.
• Annette charmed her way to the private detectives guarding the library, and them got ambushed by the wasp woman.

NYC Stormfront

• Rose got a copy of the Tears of Azathoth by staying in a dream with Armitage as the red hook too long.
• Went to New York with Ashley to see weird images on hash with his school buddy. [The Nephru-Ka Panel, supervised by Ahmet Ertegon]
• Rose smoked some loco weed with a couple of scholars looking at this weird ancient screen and got some crazy insights.
• Decided to stay in the eye of the storm.



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